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Mix it up: four must-try cocktails in Dubai

Whether you’re sipping a classic martini at a sky-high bar or savouring an exotic mix at a sun-drenched beach club, we guarantee you’ll find the perfect drink for every occasion during your time in Dubai.  

With countless bars, restaurants, and nightclubs, it’s the kind of city that demands that its cocktails be taken seriously, and we’ve managed to find four favorites that stand out from the competition. 

view of Burj Al Arab

Passion Fruit Martini at Skyview Bar 

Burj Al Arab Jumeirah 

Situated a lofty 200m above sea level on the 27th floor of the renowned Burj Al Arab, this popular bar and café offers some of the most impressive views of Dubai’s skyline.  
During the day, afternoon tea is expertly paired with delectable sandwiches, pastries, and a range of carefully curated teas, but the place really comes to life at sunset when the cocktails come out. 

The menu sticks to the classics, but the bartenders have a particular penchant for mixing martinis. While the simple stirred version is excellent, it’s the signature blend of vodka, amaretto, passion fruit, and a twist of lime and angostura that piques the most interest. If that sounds too sweet, try the more subtle cucumber and elderflower mix.

The Hakka at Hakkasan

The Hakka at Hakkasan 

Atlantis, The Palm 

There may come a point during your trip to Dubai when you need to step away from the glitzy hotel bars, the enormous malls, and daytime heat to recharge. While many people opt for a day of pampering in a luxury spa, we find that Hakkasan’s dimly lit dining room offers a similar sanctuary—you’re just swapping the hot tub for dim sum. 

With tables tucked behind wooden lattice screens and a slew of inventive cocktails, it’s the perfect spot for a lunch or dinner that’s more on the intimate side. With names like Shanghai Rouge, Floating Goddess, and The Rising Phoenix, there are plenty of concoctions that may pique your interest, but we always recommend you stick with their signature mix—The Hakka. It’s the perfect balance of boozy vodka and sake, tempered by the exotic sweetness of lychee, lime, passion fruit, and coconut.  

Pisco Sour at COYA Dubai

Pisco Sour at COYA Dubai 

Four Seasons Resort 

Brunch is a popular way to ease into the Dubai social scene, and the city’s branch of the global Peruvian restaurant draws the biggest crowds with its punchy cocktails, exuberant live music, and platters of ceviche, tacos, and tiradito. Served from 12:30 PM - 4:00 PM every Saturday, opt for the Premium Package which allows unlimited drinks—including the signature Pisco Sour. The zingy mix of lime and pisco is sure to kick-start your weekend.  

If the signature isn’t quite adventurous enough for you, then don’t hesitate to explore the 10 different pisco sour infusions. Ranging from wasabi and green apple to mandarin and coffee, you’re unlikely to experience flavor combinations quite like these anywhere else.

Poolside Capri Kiss at Praia Dubai

Capri Kiss at Praia Dubai 

FIVE Palm Jumeirah 

It would be difficult to find a cocktail that embodies Dubai’s beachside lifestyle more than the vibrant Capri Kiss at Praia Dubai. Mixing gin and prosecco with the cooling flavors of elderflower, cucumber, apple, lychee, mint and plenty of ice, it’s the perfect poolside companion.  

With a bar, restaurant, pool, and private cabanas, it’s the kind of place you arrive for lunch and end up staying until long after the sun sets, with DJs playing until 3:00 AM each night. Situated on the trunk of the man-made island, The Palm, the views across the water to the skyscrapers of downtown Dubai are spectacular and you can always expect a friendly, party-ready crowd.  


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