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Travel Back in Time at the Historic Grande Bretagne in Athens

History and luxury are intimately intertwined at the famed Hotel Grande Bretagne in the heart of Athens, Greece. Situated next to Constitution Square, across the street from Hellenic Parliament and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, and with spectacular views of the Parthenon, it’s hard to find a more prime location for travel and history buffs visiting this ancient land. That’s before we even mention the world-class amenities.

Historic Highlights

A few historic highlights, pulled from the Golden Moments picture book issued by the hotel, include:

1842: After the end of Turkish rule, returning wealthy expat Antonis Dimitrios purchased a plot of land and built the first rendition of the hotel: a 90-room mansion across from the Palace of Greece’s King Otto.

1874: Dimitrios’ mansion was purchased by hotelier Savvas Kentros and Efstathios Lampsas. The opulent Hotel Grande Bretagne was born.

1896: When the Olympic Games were revived for the first time since ancient times, the Hotel Grande Bretagne was the official host of foreign missions, diplomats, statesmen, political figures and royalty.

1974: Following the fall of Greece’s military junta, Constantine Karamanlis formed a new government over the course of four months, based in his fifth floor suite.

2003: After extensive renovations requiring a full-year closure, the Hotel Grande Bretagne reopened and became the official hotel of the Olympic Games. Again, heads of state and royalty were among the guests during the Games.

Famous guests have included Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren, Maria Callas, Sean Connery, Francis Ford Coppola, Sting, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Indira Gandhi, Helmut Kohl, Jimmy Carter, Aristotle Onassis, Jacques Cousteau, and many more.

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