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Flavor Seekers – When in Rome…

…do as the Romans do. It’s a timeless phrase, and the advice still holds up today, no matter what city you find yourself in. But for anyone fortunate enough to find themselves in Rome (or heading there soon), this guide can help ensure you experience the city the way it’s meant to be—like a Roman.


La Terrazza treats their guests to a feast for their eyes and their mouths. The décor, the panoramic vistas and the presentation of their signature dishes all come together in perfect harmony to deliver an unforgettable experience.


Further satiate your senses with an evening at Mirabelle. This rooftop garden offers patrons an unmatched view of the city with a terrace that captures the magnificence of everything from Villa Medici to St. Peter’s. And when the view has been properly admired, Mirabelle’s refined style and gourmet recipes are yours to savor and indulge in.


A quick walk from the Pantheon and many other marvels of Rome lies Divinity, the rooftop experience of The Pantheon Hotel. A modern spectacle in its own right, the unique views of this 5-star Tridente Collection hotel are matched only by the exclusivity of its design. Experience for yourself how Chef Francesco Apreda captures quintessential Rome in every bite, pour and moment.


What started as a small osteria in the center of Rome has evolved into a must-experience for any discerning flavor seeker. Pierluigi, now one of the most in-demand venues for local and international enthusiasts alike, o the offers the freshest in seasonal seafood, fish and meats, properly accompanied by all the vegetables and herbs one would expect from a world-class Italian restaurant.


Tempio Di Iside, or Temple of Isis for any readers rusty on their Italian, is a standout even amongst the best of the Roman fish restaurants. Nestled near the Colosseum, Tempio Di Iside continues to make a name for itself through the extraordinary quality of their ingredients and service.


In the heart of Rome lies Rimessa Dopolavoro Gastronomico, and at the heart of this restaurant is a dedication to hospitality that spans four generations. Timeless Italian traditions are preserved in every meal, as guests are invited to savor the authentic flavors of the region while learning about the origins and history behind every bite.


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