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Social Media Marketing World 2013 Platinum Sponsor

Last month, Diners Club International® was the Platinum Sponsor at Social Media Marketing World 2013, joining the conference to learn, engage and participate in the ongoing social media conversation which we embarked on several months ago.

With that in mind, Diners Club President Eduardo Tobon interviewed 16 social media experts, showcasing their expertise in effectively engaging online communities. The interviews were recorded, edited and posted in real time on the Diners Club YouTube page. The full playlist is also available here so you can tap into their wealth of knowledge:

Diners Club was also included in the lineup of engaging speakers. Eduardo presented the crowd with the acknowledgement that “the engagement era is now upon marketers around the world.” Showcasing film and video contests that have been wildly successful in engaging their target audiences, Diners Club presented a range of successful online storytelling that was created by people from around the world.

Diners Club also implemented interactive technology at the event, giving conference attendees the ability to create original art on a digital canvas. Welcoming participants with the inspiring line, “Those who turn the ordinary into the extraordinary, Belong,” the team handed out infrared spray-paint cans that allowed the user to create original expressions with a variety of colors, textures and effects. The art was directly uploaded to the Diners Club Digital Inspiration Wall Album in Facebook and shared with our global community.

What Inspires You

Technology and social media have given us the tools to bring individuals all around the world into tight-knit online communities – something unimaginable just a few years ago. And for Diners Club, the idea of engaging in social media, helping us to reach out to and bring people together, reinforces the core quality of being part of a club.

Come join us as we continue to build our community of clubmembers online – share with us your thoughts, inspirations, and journeys on Facebook and on Twitter. We look forward to engaging with you!