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Introducing Diners Club International® Instagram Travel Guides


Diners Club International® is here to bring you a new way to experience must-try cuisine and exciting attractions around the world with our Instagram Travel Guides.

To get started, watch our YouTube tutorial below and read details on our guides to Japan, Peru and South Africa.

Now get ready to embark on an Instagram journey to the three cities highlighted in these destination countries. We offer you a glimpse of what’s in store below:


Tucked away from the city sprawl of Kyoto is the Arashiyama Bamboo Grove. Paved walking and biking paths guide you through thousands of towering bamboo stalks, which creak with every gust of wind.

Shibuya Crossing is known as Japan’s busiest intersection, with peak traffic said to reach over 1,000 people crossing at once. Here you will also find Tokyo’s thriving nightlife scene—with bars and clubs in every direction.

Osaka’s staple dish, okonomiyaki is a must-try for every visitor. The Japanese-style pancake is served with a side of fried buckwheat noodles, then stuffed with cabbage and topped with the ingredient of your choice, ranging from shrimp to pork to veggies.


The Marinera dance is so integral to Peruvian culture that the government has recognized the city of Trujillo as the “Capital Nacional de la Marinera.”

Overlooking the city of Cusco from above and once guard to the capital of the fallen Incan Empire, the walled structure of Sacsayhuamán is a spectacular site to behold. The boulders and rounded blocks are so finely placed that not even a single piece of paper can fit between them.

Lima, the capital city, is also home to Virgilio Martínez Véliz, widely known as the country’s best chef. Véliz heads the kitchen at Central Restaurante, where he mixes modern techniques with traditional Peruvian ingredients. Diners Clubmembers have special offers at Central, including a table visit by Chef Virgilio.


Take a swim at St. James Beach in Cape Town, where you will find colorful, Victorian-style changing rooms along the shore.

Inspired by the piazzas of Europe, Johannesburg’s Nelson Mandela Square is home to 88 different stores, as well as restaurants and cafés that serve food from around the world.

Africa’s oldest botanic gardens can be found at the Durban Botanic Gardens. Opened in 1849, the gardens contain many of Africa’s endangered plants, and a collection of trees from across the globe.


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