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Diners Club® in Brazil – Local Brazilian Cuisine meets Fine Dining


Brazilian cuisine boasts a vast and diverse gastronomic palate, with unique characteristics and dishes in each region of the country. One common denominator in the amalgam of flavors and dishes is the quality of local ingredients and the ancient techniques that transform these simple ingredients into rich and flavorful dishes.

One staple ingredient throughout the country, which can be found in Brazilian kitchens everywhere, is manioc. Also known as cassava or yuca, this root vegetable generates another popular food known as Tapioca. While this ingredient has increased in popularity with the rise of Taiwanese “boba” or bubble tea, one renowned Brazilian chef, Alex Atala, has found a way to use their native ingredient in a way that no one else has.

Chef Atala’s – Tapioca Biscuit & Botarga

Chef Alex Atala has taken the world by storm, transforming traditional Brazilian dishes  into artistically designed plates in his restaurant D.O.M. Atala’s love for his home country’s cuisine as well as his passion for environmental sustainability and preservation has resulted in landing him the 11th spot on The World’s 50 Best Restaurants list for 2016. One of his dishes, the Tapioca Biscuit and Botarga is a prime example of using his skills as a chef and knowledge of local produce to create impressive dishes enjoyed by patrons from all over the world. Locally known as “Pão de queijo”, this baked cheese roll is eaten for breakfast or as a snack around Brazil. The biscuit made from the manioc can be found in every grocery store, every home, sold on the street, and thanks to Chef Atala, in the realm of fine dining.

As a Diners Club member, you too can experience the culinary masterpieces of Brazil through exclusive offers in various restaurants from Rio de Janeiro to Sao Paulo. Privileges range from discounts, free appetizers, kitchen tours, and even a visit from the chef to your table.  Apart from the dining collection our clubmembers may also enjoy select privileges at various resorts, hotels, and entertainment outlets across the country. Be sure to tune in as the world draws its attention to Brazil and don’t miss the opportunity to use your Diners Club® Privileges to explore this unique country.

Privileges Dining Collection:

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