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Share Your #BestMealEver with Diners Club

What are your favorite food memories? Enchant us with stories about hidden gastronomic treasures, from an experience at one of the top restaurants around the world to a secret family recipe that tantalizes your taste buds and conjures memories of your youth. We want to know about the time friends introduced you to a taverna in the hills of Tuscany—the place tourists would never find and how the ambiance commingled perfectly with the company and unbridled flavors of rustic cuisine. We want to hear about the time you were lucky enough to experience a picnic outing at a wine estate in Cape Town or your delight in finding a fresh kiwi tucked into your morning eggs and ham in New Zealand.

Share with us a dining experience that you consider to be one of the most memorable of your life, where the food transported you to memories of the past or even made you feel like you found a portal into what the future of gastronomy holds.

At Diners Club International®, the love of food is a universal language. It’s a kaleidoscope of tastes, people and places we can’t forget. No matter how much it varies by country or region, the food we eat is the common denominator the world over.

Today on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, we’re asking you: What’s Your #BestMealEver?

Share your photos, videos and comments about your favorite meals, stories and all the places you’ve traveled to experience unforgettable dining moments. Add the hashtag #BestMealEver so we can keep track of the dialogue. In turn, we’ll retweet, favorite and “like” a selection of our favorite posts to share with our global community of diners. Join us on our journey through global cuisine and spread the word about your #BestMealEver. As you’ll see in this video, even a little conversation says a lot.

Be sure to join us on our other Diners Club Social channels at Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube for all the latest news, event and clubmembers updates. Let your journey begin and ignite your wanderlust for life. Explore. Embark. Belong.