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Join & Explore our Diners Club International® Social Channels

Diners Club® social media has a growing tribe of social channels that are ready for you to Join, Explore and Engage.

We have six channels to choose from, each one uniquely providing Diners Clubmembers with different digital content and benefits. From the inspirational journey of stunning travel destinations and leading dining locations on our Instagram channel, to Diners Clubmembers Privileges and airport lounge highlights on Facebook, to corporate news and business solutions on LinkedIn – we’ve got it covered.

So, Join us, by following, liking and subscribing. The Diners Club Social Channels have insights and inspiration waiting for you. Where will you begin your exploration?

Join the Club by picking your favorite channels to follow us on your travel and dining journey. You will gain an inside view into Diners Club’s world of benefits, including access to more than 700 airport lounges worldwide and Privileges offers for unique hotel and dining experiences. Plus, check out the Diners Club® Travel Tools App, which gives you on-the-go access to our global offers, airport lounge locations and much more. Let your journey begin and ignite your wanderlust for life. Embark. Explore. Belong.

Diners Club Facebook – You’ll find highlights about:
▪ Diners Club® Privileges including hotels and restaurants
▪ Airport Lounges
▪ How to Join the Club and apply for a Diners Club card
▪ Diners Club® Travel Tools Mobile App
▪ Sponsorship Events
▪ Featured event videos, photos and notes

Diners Club Twitter – You’ll find highlights about:
▪Diners Club® Privileges including hotels and restaurants
▪Airport Lounges
▪Sponsorship Events
▪Diners Club® Travel Tools Mobile App
▪Travel inspirations
▪Highlights on global destinations and culinary delights

Diners Club Instagram – You’ll find highlights about: 
▪Stunning images of global destinations
▪Vivid images of culinary delights
▪Gastronomy plating images from top global chefs
▪Videos and animated GIFs from sponsored events

Diners Club YouTube  – You’ll find highlights about:
▪Digital library of +150 videos
▪Top global chefs worldwide
▪Fine dining and travel inspirations
▪Sponsorship events
▪Corporate business solutions

Diners Club LinkedIn – You’ll find highlights of about:
▪Diners Club® Privileges
▪Airport Lounges
▪Diners Club Commercial Payments solutions
▪Diners Club® Travel Tools Mobile App
▪Corporate news
▪Tips for business travelers