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Flavor Seekers – Loving London

For most of us, traveling is an opportunity to take in a something new. For first timers in London, it’s easy enough to experience a sensory overload when it comes to the views the city has to offer. You just have to look around you—any direction will do. But for anyone seeking out a London experience they can taste, we’ve got you covered.


Do you find yourself drawn to the traditional or the contemporary? No matter what your inclination is, Hotel Café Royal has you covered. The Oscar Wilde Lounge has a rich history, filled with storied characters ranging from the lounge’s namesake to renowned rock stars. Today’s patrons are treated to award-winning afternoon tea service, presented by a masterful culinary team led by Executive Head Pastry chef, Michael Kwan.


Located in the heart of Mayfair Berkeley Square, Benares ranks among the top Indian restaurants you can indulge in while in London. Their Michelin-starred modern take on Indian cuisine, led by Executive Chef Sameer Taneja, is a must-try for anyone looked to expand their perceptions on what Indian cuisine is truly all about.


Wall to wall, Dinner exists as an homage to the historic gastronomy of the British Isles, all while incorporating elements of modernity that only serve to elevate the experience further. If you’ve ever wanted to dine like a 14th century royal, Dinner is where you should be making your reservation.


When it comes to Afternoon Tea, opinions on presentation vary among Londoners. At Fortnum & Mason, however, the tradition is more of an artform than a lifestyle—and it takes little more than a casual glance of the interior to confirm that claim. From the elegance of the teaware to the decadence of the dessert tray, Fortnum’s is sure to delight.


The former Westminster Library now plays host to the innovative and creative cuisine of The Cinnamon Club. They’ve refined and redefined what modern Indian cooking has to offer—perfecting classics while evolving their own signature dishes. And the care that’s served with every plate also finds its way into every glass, with carefully sourced wines hand-picked by their sommelier and a curated collection of gins sourced all across the UK.


Established on the premises of a former bacon smokehouse, St. JOHN specializes in “nose to tail eating,” with a special devotion to offal and other cuts of meat that even the most adventurous flavor seekers rarely encounter. If you’re looking to round out the more decadent mentions we’ve listed earlier, a trip to St. JOHN will ensure your culinary tour of London comes full circle.


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