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Miami’s Many Cultures

Miami’s many cultural influences are all over this must-see city. From the neighborhoods to the foods to the sights and sounds, there’s a mishmash of homegrown styles to take in. And with most residents not even born in Miami, the representation from all over the world will have you jumping from place to place to experience every bit.

Dinner and Wine

NIU Kitchen

In a quiet corner of downtown Miami, this unassuming Spanish tapas restaurant is causing a stir. Taking cues from the creative Catalonian region, it favors oven and grilled dishes over typical fried Spanish fare. And it only gets more interesting from there. Cold tomato soup is topped with spicy mustard “ice cream.” Truffled potato foam surrounds two eggs. Pork cheek is braised for 14 hours. It’s a curious menu inspired by Spain’s most eccentric region.
134 NE 2nd Avenue, Miami, FL 33132

Girl Holding Record

Sweat Records

Many of Miami’s favorite sounds can be found at Sweat, a record store that’s had many homes in the Little Haiti neighborhood. Soon to announce another relocation, this staple shop is not just a place to buy your records – it also plays host to in-store events, live performances, a block party music festival and appearances from a slew of musicians. No matter what sound of Miami you want to hear, Sweat’s got it in store.
5505 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33137

Two People Dancing

Ball & Chain

Ball & Chain has a rich history dating back to its opening in 1935 as a speakeasy, but these days it’s the live music and dancing that’ll get you into the Miami rhythm. This 1950s era lounge features 70 hours of weekly live music, two stages, an original pine ceiling that numerous jazz legends have played under and an outdoor patio perfect for concerts under the stars. But it’s the salsa stage that is not to be missed, with frequent appearances by visiting celebs looking to dance a Miami night away.
1513 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33135

People Playing Dominoes

Calle Ocho

The sounds of Miami aren’t just in the music, they’re all over the streets and certainly down Calle Ocho. There you’ll hear locals talking politics over a game at Domino Park. Kids piling out of the year-round costume store, ready to get dressed up for the latest celebration. Plus frequent festivals that quickly turn into all-out fiestas with locals and tourists alike. Whenever you stop by, it’s always a street party, complete with a dose of Cuban culture.
Little Havana Neighborhood

Old Theater

MDC’s Tower Theater Miami

As one of Miami’s oldest landmarks and an institution in the Miami film community, this art deco charmer has gone through several owners and has been given new life for cinephiles. Alternative films and cultural screenings are done regularly, with showcases of student works happening too. And often you’ll find that it caters to the neighborhood with Spanish-language films and English-language films subtitled in Spanish. But no matter what language it’s in, you have to catch a film in one of the last few old-fashioned movie palaces in America.
1508 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33135


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