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Airport Lounges: Hidden Oases in the Hectic World of Air Travel

Let’s face it: airports are usually no fun. They are overcrowded, with badly designed gate chairs, overpriced food, and ill-equipped restrooms. It’s one thing when you have a one-hour layover, but it’s a game-changer when you have three or four hours to kill waiting for your connecting flight.

Why isn’t there a place in airports for not traveling? Not moving? Yawning a bit, slowing down? Catching some shut-eye maybe, or at least a little peace and quiet?”

Fortunately, places like this do exist. They are called airport lounges, but they are either inaccessible to the general public, or aren’t free. However, if you’re a Diners Club cardholder, you get complimentary access to over 800 airport lounges around the world.

Relax and Unwind

Airport lounges are very different from one another. They can be big and small, basic or upscale. They can offer soothing design, separate seating areas, slick shower cabins, and a spa. Or it may just be one medium-size room with a bunch of chairs and a couple of counters with snacks and drinks.

An upscale airport lounge can offer a wide assortment of food and alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. A basic lounge can feature desktop computers, printers, and fax machines (although you may be charged for using printers and sending faxes). Bigger lounges may offer dining tables, massage chairs, quiet zones, TV rooms, and playrooms for kids.

There’s one thing relevant to all airport lounges, though. At a minimum, you can expect comfortable seating, a quiet environment, free WiFi, and plenty of charge stations. Some airports are homes to several Diners Club lounges, so be sure to visit Diners Club to search for lounges in your country.

How to Find a Lounge for Your Next Flight

Don’t want to miss out on a lounge experience anymore? Nothing easier – just download the Diners Club Travel Tools mobile app, and you’ll have all the information you need at your fingertips. In addition to the airport lounge locator, the app also gives you access to other tools, like a currency converter and varying Diners Club Privileges in your area.


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