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Baked Potato Soup & Almond Pesto: Dine For Change Sustainable Focused Recipes

Dine For Change by Diners Club International presents Chantelle Nicholson, Chef & Owner of Apricity in London, to help spread awareness on the need for changes to food consumption patterns through sustainable-focused recipes that can be recreated at home. Baked potato soup, salad leaf & toasted almond pesto (using old potatoes, salad leaves, milk, and potential for stock from vegetable peelings) Process: take baked potatoes (can be leftovers or just old baked potatoes), chop up. Saute off a little onion, garlic & thyme then add milk & water (or veg peel stock). Add the chopped potatoes, simmer until soft (10 mins) then blend. Whilst simmering, make the pesto; combine salad leaves, almonds, olive oil, Parmesan (or other hard cheese), garlic, breadcrumbs then blend until chunky. Time: 25 mins