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Miami, New York & Chicago: 3 Dream Cities for Summer Vacation

This summer, the United States is calling you for a visit. Miami is a beach state of mind, where art deco buildings dot the boulevards and lounging by the pool is par for the course. It might be hot and sometimes rainy this time of year, but fewer lines and lack of crowds, coupled with lower prices are all perks during this off-season time in Miami. In its list of Best Places to Visit in the USA, U.S. News & World Report listed New York as No. 7 and Chicago as No. 13. New York is calling with visions of the Empire State Building, Times Square, hot dogs in Coney Island, and pizza in Little Italy. Take a bite out of Chicago’s theatre and dining scene, and hang out in the neighborhoods beyond downtown like locals do. Warm weather in these cities makes summer an ideal time to visit.

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Celebrities visit Miami Beach every day, and it’s also home to the largest collection of art deco in the world. Known as the “Billion Dollar Sandbar,” Miami Beach is also one of the few man-made islands in the U.S. The city is a short drive from Everglades Park, where you can view the alligator population on an air-boat tour. Parks, beaches, museums and pools are in abundance in Miami, so follow this guide to see the sights.

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New York City

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With more than 200 theaters, more than 4,700 restaurants and 77 community areas containing more than 100 neighborhoods, Chicago is a city to be conquered, one neighborhood at a time. Shopping, dining, and sports are favorite local pastimes, so check out this guide to stay on top of the action. Although tourists flock downtown, the areas beyond are where most residents dine, drink and go out on the town.

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From art deco pastels and the shimmering waters of a man-made island, to a U.S. foodie capital, to the Midwestern urban heartland, Miami, New York and Chicago beckon this summer with dreams of adventure.