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Dining Travel Trends – Bangkok

Welcome to the Bangkok fine dining scene. In this town, not only does the food taste and look good, but it also goes easy on your wallet. And it’s money well-spent – back at home, food of this caliber would set you back hundreds of dollars, euros or pounds.

The food scene of Bangkok is the stuff legends are made of. Whatever you visit Bangkok for – temples, parks, river cruises, or nightlife — you won’t be able to avoid (or want to avoid) the incredible Bangkok food scene.

Street Food in Bangkok

Cheap food stalls abound on the streets of Bangkok, although the drive to regulate and sometimes over-regulate the chaotic street food scene in Bangkok is far from over.

How often do you hear of the words “street stall”? For authentic Pad Thai, go to Thip Samai at 313-315 Maha Chai Road in Phra Nakhon. Aside from that world-famous street stall, Chinatown and Khaosan Road are the two most popular street food areas in Bangkok, although there are many others.

Bangkok Fine Dining

Let’s face it, though, street food, as diverse and fabulous as it may be, is not everyone’s cup of tea, especially in the Bangkok heat. Whether you want a nice ambiance, inventive dishes, diverse cuisines or simply an air-conditioned environment, Bangkok is happy to oblige.

A crab omelet in Bangkok (Kai Kon Pu) is not a quickly whipped egg dish with sparse imitation crab deposits. It’s a 3-dimensional rice- or noodle-based concoction with huge chunks of crabmeat in fish sauce that towers up on your plate like a golden pyramid. Tom Yum, anyone? Of course, you’ve heard of Tom Yum soup, but how about Tom Yum stir-fry or Tom Yum noodles? There are plenty of variations on this world-famous Thai food staple, and you owe it to yourself to try at least a few.

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